Mr Hideous takes a step back in time to meet the inventor of Switchwords

A Soul is Astral Travelling

On one of his many journeys through space, time and consciousness, Mr Hideous travelled back to the year 1963 and met the eccentric and brilliant author, Mr James T Mangan. Mr Mangan was the man who came up with the Switchword theory. Switchwords were said to be a method of contacting, influencing and programming your subconscious mind via a shortcut, to achieve goals and wishes.His findings were produced in a book, still available, called The Secret of Perfect Living. Mr Hideous found Mr Mangan fascinating and they shared a lot of common interests regarding style, individuality, creativity and a love of Earl Grey tea. They spent several hours on the astral plane telepathically communicating their ideas and theories.

Mr Mangan’s theory was that certain words held a special power in the brain and when repeated internally, could achieve magical things. Some of these words included: 

ALLOW – which is said to make available or discover

COUNT – to help with attracting money

DO – to eliminate procrastination 

FLOWER – to flourish and thrive 

JACKPOT – to feel excitement or successful

Could This Be Magic

Who can tell if James T Langan was right, (after all, he also claimed ownership of outer space, only to find that Mr Hideous already held the deeds), however, Mr Hideous did discover that using some of these Switchwords or Switchphrases achieved magical results in his own life. Whether it is psychological or if there is really some magical manifestation taking place, Mr Hideous found the following Switchwords had the best effect:

DIVINE – said to work miracles or incredible accomplishment

MAGIC – said to enchant, thrill and excite

TOGETHER – said to help to master any activity

NOW – said to end procrastination and act on impulse.

When combined into the Switchphrase, DIVINE MAGIC TOGETHER NOW, and repeated to oneself as an affirmation, Mr Hideous enjoyed some magical results.

With This Garment I Thee Manifest

As a tribute to Mr Mangan and the Switchwords theory, Mr Hideous has designed the Hideous Switchwords which features his favourite Switchphrase. The idea being, that Mr Hideous is hoping to help his Hideous tribe to achieve their dreams and desires. If Switchwords really do work, then what better way of impressing them into your mind than by wearing them. Of course, the Hideous Switchwords is ethically made from organic cotton and is available in a variety of colours.

May you have a magical life. All of Mr Hideous creations are available at

 Dare to be Hideous