The origins of the Hideous range

Mr Hideous is a pioneer of the ethical fashion movement in the UK and created the Hideous range in 2016 which is now one of the most well known ethical brands in Britain. Hideous is a range of casual streetwear featuring quirky designs on wall art, t-shirts, vests, hoodies, baseball shirts, sweatshirts and tote bags, all produced from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Hideous has an ethically accredited production process using renewable-energy, it ships worldwide and has a circular economy where old designs can be returned for recycling in exchange for store credit. Mr Hideous believes that Hideous operates one of the most ethical production processes in the world. More information on the Hideous production process and the full clothing range can be found at


Mr Hideous created the Hideous range as a rebellion against the mass production “fast fashion” industry which is having a severe effect on the environment, both through their production processes and through the amount of sheer waste. Mr Hideous was previously involved in this industry and was “blackballed” for speaking out against the malpractices taking place. Hideous was then born. There are now members of the Hideous Tribe all over the world and Mr Hideous welcomes anyone who dares to be Hideous.