A Pesky Woodpecker

A 38 year old Ohio woman has served an eviction notice on a woodpecker. The small-brained annoying bird said “That woodpecker is getting on my damn nerves“. It is believed the woodpecker moved into the tree 6 months ago and began its ‘pecking antics” immediately. The tree is right outside the bedroom window of the victim.

Electric Nest

Pretzel Porter, who works at Mcdonalds, began legal proceedings after repeated telephone calls to the authorities. When no progress was made, she took matters into her own hands and covered the tree trunk in sponge in order to dull the “beak strikes”. However, the persistent critter pecked through the sponge within hours and the knocking continued. As a last resort, Ms Porter decided to go down the legal route. The inane judge ruled in her favour and the  eviction notice has been served. The woodpecker, nicknamed “Woody” has been given six weeks to leave the tree or risk facing the electric nest.


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